How to drive in Spain with a US license

How do I go about getting a new driver’s license in Spain? Compared to the United States, Spain has similar driving laws, but different documentation requirements than you know. If you want to drive in Spain, you can use your foreign driving license for the first six months. However, you will need to carry both … Read more

Costs of purchasing a home in Spain

costs of purchasing a home in spain

Homeownership in Spain Spain has a very high homeownership rate, with around 80% of residents owning their own homes and many of them without getting a mortgage. During the global financial crisis and the subsequent collapse of the property market, Spain suffered severely. House prices dropped by 30%, but the market has become more stable … Read more

What Is a Bitcoin ETF?

Bitcoin ETFs allow investors to gain exposure to the leading cryptocurrency without having to actually own it. By Ollie Leech A bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) lets traders gain exposure to BTC via traditional stock markets, without needing to directly buy or sell the digital asset on a cryptocurrency exchange. A bitcoin ETF is an exchange-traded fund … Read more