Financial Planning Process
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Finally comprehensive financial planning process with transparent fee-only pricing


Financial planning as a field of study and professional occupation is an activity that certainly requires sound technical knowledge, quantitative and analytical abilities, and an ability to communicate ideas and strategies as a way to move clients towards recommendation implementation.

At Gersten Financial Planning, we want to help you solve your financial needs, and we understand that offering different solutions to meet these needs is essential for your financial success. We offer two comprehensive financial planning solutions:

Plan A: Comprehensive Financial Plan Only: Comprehensive all-inclusive Financial Plan, and use of technology package with a working relationship limited to three months. 

Deliverables: Full Financial Plan, and technology package: access to client-only material, and financial planning software with optional integration of your financials. Details below 

Plan B: Retainer Model: ongoing comprehensive financial planning services: Comprehensive all-inclusive financial plan, technology package, plus ongoing monitoring with quarterly structured sessions that will address your financial plan and break the recommendation into monthly activities to work in conjunction with a Certified Financial Planner throughout the year.

Deliverables: Quarterly structured meetings ( 60-90 minutes), monthly follow-ups, and  unlimited emails throughout the year. Details below



The most successful financial planners are the ones who can best identify client attitudes, feelings, and experiences related to money as a way to contextualize a client’s financial beliefs and behaviors.

A successful Financial Plan is a combination of qualitative and softer skills needed by clients such as empathy, understanding, warmth, and sensitivity.

Ongoing Financial Planning is about establishing a deep understanding of the client’s financial goals combined with the client’s values and behavior around money.

Clients prefer solving their concerns in collaboration with financial planners, rather than having a financial planner solve a problem for them

Who would benefit from a Customized Financial Plan? 


Those who want to avoid expensive financial mistakes while living abroad, and who want to work with a fee-only financial planner who is legally required to act in the best interest of the client


Working professionals or business owners who are expats and want to optimize and maximize their assets and grow their wealth while abroad


Those who are often overwhelmed by news and information that commonly provide contradictory advice


Expat retirees looking for ongoing financial advice to preserve and protect their assets and help make the right decisions while living in a foreign country


Those who are planning to become expats and want the big picture of their finances as well as specific action steps to help them navigate life events or attain financial freedom


Those who have been given advice from commissioned industry advisers who may have made recommendations that resulted in high fee products

Financial Plan


Technology package included : use of financial planning software tools such as client-secure vault, optional financial account integration, and real-time view to your financial plan, and budget online or via mobile to stay up to day on the go with your financial plan. 


A comprehensive financial plan that includes:


A strengths and weaknesses analysis of your finances with a global approach as an expat


  1. A written, easy-to-understand action plan
  2. Financial goal-setting and supported decisions
  3. A net worth analysis to possess a full picture of your financial situation taking into account assets from different countries 
  4. A summary of your income, cashflows, and budget including any necessary recommendations
  5. Retirement projections based on your goals. If retired, predictions on the long-term durability of your plan for your particular lifestyle
  6. Investment advice aligned with your goals
  7. An asset allocation recommendation for retirement and non-retirement accounts
  8. Identification of strategies optimizing your financial position, including tax-advantaged accounts and debt including assets in different countries
  9. Global currency and investment analysis for expats
  10. Global tax planning review for expats. 



Career planning and brainstorming as it is related to your financial well-being to maximize your income potential while living as an expat or as you prepare to become one.


A review of your estate planning documents such as employee benefits, insurance policies, and recommendations for adjustments with a global approach considering assets in more than one country. 


Global referrals to other professionals, as needed, such as CPAs, insurance brokers, immigration experts , Bankers, and attorneys to assist with the implementation of your financial plan.


Each comprehensive financial plan is customized to each client and usually takes two to three months to complete.  Financial couching is also included during the time of creation of the financial plan.  


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 The implementation phase is when we take the blueprint into reality and help you build your unique financial home  

What does the implementation phase entail?  

  • Assistance with the opening of new investment and bank accounts of your choosing as per plan recommendations
  • Assistance placing trades, re-allocating assets among various types of investment accounts
  • Assistance calling multiple third parties to implement recommendations
  • Assistance researching insurance, investments, and other products while always having your best interest in mind
  • Assistance researching experts on subject matter as needed per the plan


Ongoing monitoring of your Financial Plan comprises an organization component, four structured (60 to 90 minutes) sessions, a monthly calendar and annual timeline of financial tasks and events to help you maximize your finances, and ongoing support through email phone. Some clients are great at executing the recommendations proposed in their financial plan. We have a Certified Financial Planner who is passionate about guiding you through every step of your financial plan for the rest. Because the United States and foreign countries update or change their laws regularly; We monitor tax and other laws that may affect your plan. For example, tax credits, exemptions, “sunset” laws, and other changes to maximize your plan’s tax efficiency and investment optimization. You can have peace of mind knowing that your financial plan will stay revenant despite

Working with a Certified Financial Planner™ year-long will ensure that all the aspects in your financial plan are addressed in an orderly manner.
We have developed a service calendar to make sure that not one financial need is left out from your financial plan throughout the year.

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We make it easy for you and add a “Financial Planning Tasks” timeline to never miss any important deadlines which are critical in financial planning.

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Life events make Financial Plans subject to change and update throughout the year. For example. The birth of a new child, the new job position , marriage, and many other life events make ongoing financial Planning a need more than a luxury, but a way to save money from making expensive financial mistakes and making the right decisions


Transparent fee-only pricing: