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A Mini Financial Plan is designed for those who are not ready to get a full financial plan, but who need financial guidance in specific topics. 


A high-level overview with a Certified Financial Planner™ who has your best interest in mind

Whether you just graduated from university, started your first professional job, or faced a significant purchase, consulting with a professional in personal financial planning will help you make better choices for your overall financial well-being.
Making decisions in a “bubble,” such as a retirement contribution, buying a primary or investment home, can significantly impact your finances.
When faced with critical financial decisions, consult with a Certified Financial Planner™ who will help you see the “big picture” and give you overall high-level finances, and optimize your financial life. 


Should I buy or rent my primary home ? Should I be an investment property in the U.S. or abroad?

a. Purchasing or renting a home in a foreign country. I will review your current income, spending, and savings to figure out your optimal home purchase price or evaluate: Why it is better to rent or buy while living abroad so you can make the best investment? There are many factors to be taken into consideration when planning to rent or buy in a foreign country.

b. Selling your home in the United States or renting it out long-term or short-term while living abroad. I will do an analysis in profitability and explore different options with you

My knowledge in personal financial planning, real estate, short-and-long-term rentals position me as a great resource to answer these common expats questions.

We will talk about appropriate down payments and give you a sense of where you should “park” your down payment based on how long it will help you to save up for this goal. You will also receive tips on what to expect from a home buying process in general.

Working deliverables include a spreadsheet showing an ideal housing budget and specific action items to take in regard to the home purchase. You will receive a budget report showing what you should be spending on housing versus other living expenses and a target emergency fund level to cover housing and personal related expenses for business owners who are interested in working with an expert to optimize their assets and grow their wealth.


How do I optimize my current retirement, investment, or emergency accounts while living abroad?

Perhaps you are considering moving abroad, you have received a new job offer, or you have joined finances with your spouse. I will help you create a fully optimized budget based on your financial goals. Together we will analyze your financial strengths and weaknesses. Together we will analyze your financial strengths and weaknesses while reviewing and discussing your current income and spending habits. I will provide a framework for helping you align your budget with your financial goals and prioritize how much should go to savings, living expenses, lifestyle expenses, and debt repayment. When combining finances (partially or fully as a couple), we will also make sure you are on the same page to minimize friction around money with your spouse or domestic partner.

 Expats or those planning to live abroad have very particular asset allocation needs for their  investment accounts, and this is a great way to maximize your assets while balancing living abroad

Deliverables include a spreadsheet detailing ideal asset allocation advice, and other recommendations to optimize your account with specific, easy-to-follow actions items.



General investment, tax or financial planning questions.

 Perhaps you  want to know if you are contributing enough toward your employer’s retirement plan (401k, 403B, SIMPLE IRA, 457, etc.), or maybe you would like to evaluate this plan to ensure you are maximizing the best investment choices. I will help you optimize your retirement plan(s) and/or account(s) while discussing various solutions that may complement your retirement savings, such Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, HSA accounts, and more. Let’s get the most out of the retirement options for you. Often , clients contribute too little or too much to retirement plans without a clear plan or strategy. By creating a Mini Financial Plan,  I will recommend what is the exact amount that you should be contributing in order to reach your goals. Some have specific cross-border tax planning questions that involve international tax and / or financial planning expertise that we can provide.
If you have an investment portfolio that has not been rebalanced in the last six months and would like an unbiased “checkup” on its performance, I am happy to help. You may also have a lot of money in cash and want to explore money investment plans or alternative options ( stocks, fixed income, real estate, cash, crypto currencies, socially responsable funds).  I will help you optimize your investment portfolio or your cash reserves to get you closer to your financial goals. Often, so-called “financial advisers” review your portfolio  to sell you other investments you may not  need. You can rest assured that my recommendation are in your best interest. 

Deliverables: Word document with recommendations to address your questions and specific, easy-to-follow actions items you should take.

What is Included

  1. One 90-minute virtual meeting
  2. Two-page summary of unbiased, easy-to-understand. recommendations.
  3. One 30 minutes virtual meeting follow up.

What It is Not Included

This is not an in-depth analysis of your financial situation. During these sessions, we will focus on the analysis of a specific issue.

This is not a comprehensive financial plan, but a Mini Financial Plan that will give you a framework to get started in your finances in the right direction.


The Cost

$800 for the Mini Financial Plan

This one-time fee can be applied toward a comprehensive financial planning relationship. 

On rare occasions, I work on hourly basis at $200 per hour with scope to be agreed upon in advance.