Portfolio Management

Our portfolio Management will save you hours of research and homework about investments, so you can use that time for what matters most. By working together, we will create the right portfolio for you based on the investment strategy that we develop. This professionally managed portfolio will be reviewed, updated, and balanced to reflect changes in relevant economic and political events.

Our portfolio management clients also benefit from discounts on financial planning services. Each investment is customized according to our client’s particular portfolio strategy. We have investment portfolios for global citizens who live abroad, such as globally-oriented portfolios, tax-efficient investments, and solutions designed for those with unique circumstances. We offer low-cost investments such as ETF (exchange-traded fund) portfolios, hybrid ETF, no-load mutual funds, and more.

Investment management goes beyond selecting the right investment strategy and implementing it with a suitable investment portfolio. Investment management is about a disciplined approach and a strong, trusting relationship with a Certified Financial Planner. Often, helping a client understand the big picture avoids costly financial mistakes based on emotional investment buys or sells, which can increase a portfolio by tens of thousands of dollars and may help the client reach their financial goal faster.

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Portfolio Management Includes

Upload cost basis history

Equity sector, style, region trading

Asset allocation trading

Portfolio stress test

Portfolio optimization

Expat-specific investment trading

Correlation calculator

Year-long email support

Semi-annual portfolio performance meetings

Annual tax planning meeting