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Professional investment management, financial planning, and tax preparation for Expats and those pursuing early financial independence.

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Annualized rate of return:
Industry Standard (1.02%) Fee : $ /yr
CB Wealth Advisors Finance's Blended (%) Fee : $ /yr
Fees is negotiable above $5,000,000

Our service offerings provide the most value for households with investable assets over $500,000

  • *Preparation of U.S. personal tax return included; more complex returns have an additional cost
  • Advisory fees are shown yearly but charged quarterly.

The value of good advice

There are many good reasons for establishing a relationship with an experienced cross-border financial advisor

You may not have the time it takes to actively manage your wealth. You may not have the expertise to maximize your growth/money’s potential. Perhaps you just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your wealth is in the hands of experienced professionals who will be there for you and your family through the good times and difficult ones.

There’s another compelling reason for the value of financial advice

Good financial advice can potentially add up to 3% per year on (investment) returns.

Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment firms, conducted a study that attempted to quantify the value of financial advice

Good financial advice can potentially add up to 3% per year on (investment) returns versus individuals who do not seek advice. Vanguard estimated that roughly half of this potential increase resulted from behavioral coaching that helped reduce or eliminate much of the emotional aspects of investing. Vanguard attributed much of the rest to a host of practices individuals often overlook or are unable to implement.

value of a good advice