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Financial planning

A comprehensive approach of finance, accounting, and psychology


Portfolio management

Professional investment management for expats


Tax preparation

Expat tax preparation services

Who we work with


Pre-retirees and retirees planning to move abroad

Retirees living abroad

Professionals and business owners living abroad

Expats commonly ask how to optimize their investments, what the tax-savings strategies are, and if there are any potential financial consequences to living abroad.


Individuals in the technology industry across the U.S. who are working towards attaining Financial Independence and Retirement Early (F.I.R.E.)

Professional services providers (psychologists, attorneys, doctors) across the U.S. who are working towards F.I.R.E

A combination of individuals in the technology industry and professional service providers working toward attaining F.I.R.E. and looking to possibly retire abroad.

Regardless of your unique situation and needs, our expertise and skills will guide you in realizing your financial goals and making informed decisions.

Our approach to personal financial planning is unique. Typically when a prospect searches “financial planners near me,” they encounter professionals in the financial services industry who are generalists and cover very broad audiences, working with a wide spectrum of ages, occupations, locations, and income levels.

I only focus on a handful of clients and niche markets to provide my clients with the most relevant and current industry knowledge, resources, and expertise that other financial professionals do not possess. This way I can create tailored money investment plans to meet your specific needs.

Victor Gersten EA

Our personal financial planning process

In 4 Steps



Embodies the soft skills of understanding the client's goals, motivations, personality, and ways of learning. This is the foundation.



Entails a series of three meetings once per month to create your comprehensive initial financial plan.



Involves working together to execute the recommendations of the initial financial plan. This step can take three to twelve months.



Quarterly meetings through the year to ensure accountability, track goals, and adjust financial plan according to/adapting to life changes.

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