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We are experts in US tax strategies for citizens living abroad and can help you create investment strategies that are unique to your situation and host country.

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Take control of your financial future with our comprehensive planning process. From personalized recommendations to ongoing support, we're here to help you make the best decisions for your financial goals.

Our financial planning process consists of three phases, which we conduct together. Phase one is the planning process and takes the most time, so we meet more frequently at the beginning.

Through the financial planning process, you will receive the following deliverables:

1. Phase One: Planning

  • Six 90-minute financial planning meetings, one a month for the first quarter, one per quarter thereafter
  • An analysis of your taxes from the prior year
  • A forward-looking simulation of your upcoming tax year so that you can project your plans
  • An analysis of your current investment portfolio with proactive recommendations for improvement
  • Outline of financial tasks to help optimize your finances
  • Comprehensive report with year-by-year cash flow projection that estimates the probability of success for your retirement goals

2. Phase Two: Implementing

  • Ongoing support for implementing your financial tasks
  • Optional add-ons for portfolio management and tax preparation

3. Phase Three: Monitoring

  • Regular review of the above analyses
  • Updates to your plan as needed
The financial planning process
includes three phases:

Phase One

Creating your plan.

Phase Two

Implementing your plan, this includes two optional add-ons.

  • Portfolio management
  • Tax preparation

Phase Three

Monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed.

Here are some more details about the three phases of our financial planning service.


Creating Your Plan

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Implementing Your Plan

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Monitoring Your Plan

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A 360° view with personalized recommendations on:


Current portfolio

Estate concerns


Cash flow

Your life plans as related to finances and living abroad

We will set you up for success as together we implement your financial plan. This might include:

Help opening new investment accounts, including DIY investment trading

Advice on retirement distributions, rollovers, and accounts consolidation

Collaboration with an estate planning attorney and an insurance agent

Additional tax planning that has not already been provided

Financial planning isn’t a set-it and forget-it process. That’s why we don’t just stop with planning and implementation, we see it through with monitoring and adjustments. Once you have implemented your plan, we will stay in touch to see how it’s going. You can call, email, or meet with us whenever necessary.

Economic conditions fluctuate and government regulations can change depending on who is in power. Additionally, personal life events such as marriage, divorce, children, inheritance, unemployment, or job advancement can impact your finances. Whether things change for the better or the worse, it’s important that together we proactively review your financial position in order to take advantage of new opportunities and minimize new risks as they arise.

If you’d like to know more, schedule a free consultation with us.