Financial Planning

Although computers are great tools for executing some aspects of financial management, human interaction can assist clients with decision-making and encourage action in a way computers cannot.

Financial Management services

The process

Financial planning as a field of study and professional occupation is an activity that requires sound technical knowledge, quantitative and analytical abilities,
and the skills to communicate ideas and strategies as a way to move clients toward implementation.


Discovery & Planning

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Discovery & Planning

A financial plan gives you a 360° financial view

Your Comprehensive Financial Plan Includes:

Comprehensive Financial Plan Includes

Current year tax & next year tax recommendations

Current portfolio review & portfolio recommendations

Estate planning & recommendations

Insurance review & recommendations

Education analysis and recommendations

Cash flow analysis and recommendations

One-year access to our financial planning sotware

Domestic and global professional referrals

Career & life planning brainstorming

Access to our low-cost investment management platform

Receive one-on-one financial guidance throughout the engagement

What are the deliverables?

All three plans include the following deliverables that will help you evaluate your financial situation and make better financial decisions for the future: 

  1. Three structured meetings (90-120 minutes each).
  2. One tax analysis and recommendations report.
  3. One investment analysis and recommendations report.
  4. Two-page list of financial action tasks for the next twelve months.
  5. One comprehensive report with cashflows and calculations with projections until age 90.

Tax analysis report

A tax expert (CPA or EA) will review your last two years’ tax returns and offer you tax planning advice for the current and subsequent (tax) year.

Investment analysis report

A Certified Financial Planner Aid by a Charted Financial Analyst will review your current portfolio and offer recommendations to maximize your investment returns.

Financial action tasks

This is a two page "plain English" report that will clearly state the next steps for the following phase of plan implementation.

Comprehensive report

This is comprehensive report that includes numbers and graphs for the six pillars of financial planning: cash flow, investments, taxes, estate planning, insurance, and education planning.

One-on-one implementation phase planning covers:

Insurance planning icon

Guidance on opening new investment accounts, and DYI investment trading

Retirement planning icon

Guidance on dealing with retirement distributions, rollovers, accounts consolidation

Tax planning strategies icon

Collaborating with an estate planning attorney for implementation

Investment selection icon

Additional tax simulations not contemplated in the financial plan already

Estate planning strategies icon

Collaborating with an Insurance agent for implemention

Who would benefit from a one-on-one implementation guidance?

If you need additional assistance after the initial financial plan

Those who have completed a comprehensive financial plan and who want to continue to work with a fee-only financial planner who is legally required to act in the best interest of the client

If you are planning to become an expat

Those who are planning to become expats and need additional assistance after completing the financial plan to help them navigate life events or attain financial freedom

If you are an expat retiree

Retirees looking for additional assistance to help make the right decisions during the transition period of  moving to a foreign country

If you are overwhelmed by the financial plan

Those who are overwhelmed after completing a comprehensive financial plan and need additional assistance

If you are busy professionals

Busy working professionals might want to outsource to a professional the tasks detailed in the financial plan to optimize better and maximize their assets and grow their wealth

If you need to make changes to the plan

Those who have completed a comprehensive financial plan but who have new life events and need to update the plan

Monitoring phase:
One-on-one Ongoing financial guidance

access advisor icon

Flexible access to your advisor

A key benefit of one-one-one consulting is that you have ongoing access to your financial advisor. You can call, email, and meet with your advisor as required. We are available to answer any ad hoc questions as they arise throughout the year. Having the right advice and making the best decisions is key to maximizing your potential. Being able to contact your advisor, someone who already has a sound understanding of your financial position and who is a financial specialist, is extremely valuable.

Accountable icon

It Keeps You Accountable

Ongoing advice can keep you on track. Meeting up with your financial planner at predetermined intervals can help ensure that you stick to the plan.

Changing Circumstances icon

Your Plan Can Be Adapted To Your Changing Circumstances

Life is dynamic, things change. Marriage, children, divorce, unemployment, promotions, and inheritance are all elements of your life that can affect your financial plan. Ongoing contact and advice from your financial planner can help you adjust and adapt your financial plan to your changing circumstances. It keeps your financial plan relevant and effective.

Changing Economic icon

Your Plan Can Be Adapted To Changing Economic Circumstances

Economic and market conditions fluctuate, and government regulations change depending on who is in power. When things change (for better or worse) it is important to have your financial position reviewed with the changes in mind to take advantage of any opportunities and minimize and protect you from new risks.

Avoiding Pitfalls icon

Assist In Avoiding Pitfalls

We are experts in the field of taxes, investments and cross-border planning. Not only do we help you make smart financial decisions, but we also help you avoid the pitfalls and common traps that people can fall into. Having your financial plan reviewed regularly means that such situations can be avoided, saving you time and money and increasing the likelihood of reaching your goals.

The level of ongoing service you require depends on how complex your financial situation is, taking into consideration your life stage, where you are in your working career, your existing financial structure, retirement, and investment accounts or trusts.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Simplified pricing Quarterly cost
Single household $1,150
Joint householdt $1,350

The simplified price includes a comprehensive financial plan, implementation phase, and ongoing year-long support.

Twelve months of engagement is required.