The Value of Good Advice


There are many good reasons for establishing a relationship with an experienced cross-border financial advisor.You may not have the time it takes to actively manage your wealth. You may not have the expertise needed to do it well. Perhaps you just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wealth is in the hands of experienced professionals who will be there for you and your family through the good times and difficult ones.

There’s another compelling reason for the value of financial advice. Good financial advice may actually increase your wealth beyond what you might be able to do on your own.

Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment firms, conducted a study that attempted to quantify the value of financial advice. They found that while benefits varied greatly depending on individual circumstances, good financial advice can potentially add up to 3% per year to the returns individuals might otherwise achieve on their own.1

Vanguard estimated that roughly half of this potential increase resulted from behavioral coaching that helped reduce or eliminate much of the emotional aspects of investing. Vanguard attributed much of the rest to a host of practices individuals often overlook or are unable to implement.


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Comprehensive Financial Planning 


As a fee-only fiduciary, Expat Financial Planning provides individualized financial advice for American investors living abroad and at home. We analyze our clients’ entire financial picture and goals and direct their investments accordingly. We offer two plans to work together: 


“The Plan” is the step one of the financial planning process, the “master plan,” the “blueprint.” Step one includes a comprehensive financial plan only. Learn more about it here 


Step one’s price varies according to level of complexity (from one to six), and planning needs. Starting at $2,500 per plan. We will develop a customized price for you after understanding your financial complexities and needs.  


“The Implementation” is the step two of the financial planning process. Learn more about the Implementation phase here. Step two is an ongoing professional relationship after the creation of the plan that usually last for at least twelve months. In this step, we will help you execute the recommendations of the comprehensive financial plan from step one.  


Step two’s price varies according to level of complexity (from one to three). Starting at $300 per month. We will develop a customized price for you after understanding your financial complexities and needs. 


“The monitoring” and “Investment management” is step three of the financial planning process. During this step we will help you to manage your investable assets and monitor the progress and adjustments to the plan created during step one. There is no minimal amount of assets required to manage during step number three.

Step three’s price varies according to level of complexity (from one to six). Starting at $350 per month. This step becomes included once we have$500,000 in assets under management. 




Global Portfolio Management



 Global Portfolio Management services include the construction of a personal portfolio for Expats. I will research specific investments tailor to each client’s risk level, host country, and specific goals. This service includes answering questions about the portfolio performance, tax efficiency, and US tax implications considering international tax treaties between the US and the client’s host country. I provide rebalancing as often as needed, quarterly reports, and semi-annual virtual meetings to discuss the portfolio. Global Portfolio Management services do not include assistance with implementing, monitoring a financial plan, or general financial questions.


Global Portfolio Management services’ cost varies according to the account value:


Account Value                            Annual Advisory Fee


$0 to    $500,000                                           1.00%


$500,001 to $3,000,000                          0.75%


$3,000,001 and above                               0.50%


 Comprehensive financial planning clients receive a discount of 0.25% to be applied to the annual advisory fee on the first $1,000,000 of assets . 





What are the advantages of Expat Financial Planning fee-only pricing model?

 Unfortunately, not every financial professional will act in your best interest, no matter what words they use to describe themselves. Thus, only entrust your financial future to those who will only work in your best interest.

So how do you know who is acting in your best interest? You must educate yourself and ask these key questions to the financial professional you work with or wish to work with:

1. Do you and your firm act as fiduciaries for your clients? If yes, will you put that in writing?

2. Are you licensed to be able to receive compensation from the sale of financial products? If yes, what products?

3. Are you a Certified Financial Planner professional?

4. Are you a fee-only financial professional?

 Here are the responses you want to hear: 1) Yes and yes   2) No  3) Yes   4) Yes 

Armed with these questions and answers, you can have confidence and clarity when speaking to a fiduciary, independent, fee-only financial planning firm 

Learn more about our current memberships for each professional organization by clicking on the links below

Membership to the fee-only network here  

Membership to Certified Financial Planning board here  

Membership to the National Society of Accountants here 

Membership to the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors here

We are committed to helping Americans navigate the tricky waters of cross-border wealth management and offer various ways to work together.